Exalted Reputations Achievement Tracker Not Working

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • I have all the reputations but didn't receive the achievement
  • Reached Exalted with two different faction, but the Achievement didn't increase
  • I'm trying to get 100 Exalted Reputations and I want to know if I will get credit for getting to Exalted with both Aldor/Scryer or Frenzyheart/Oracle if I swap factions

While reputation achievements are account wide, reputation gains are not account wide, each character has its own reputation levels. The achievement tracker checks a reputation as earned when one of your characters reaches Exalted for the first time and on its own. 

The tracker checks reputations that you currently have at Exalted. If you drop a reputation, the criteria for the achievement will also drop. For example, if you were Exalted with all 4 factions of the Steamwheedle Cartel, then you decide to become Exalted with Bloodsail Buccaneers, you have dropped 4 to gain 1.

If you transfer a character to another Battle.net account, the reputations that this character had at Exalted before the transfer will NOT count towards reputation achievements on the new account. This is intended. You will need to reach Exalted with those factions on a different character. 

Progress towards reputation achievements became account-wide on December 2018 (patch 8.1). If one of your characters earned an Exalted reputation before that patch, it will only count if you have logged in with that character sometime after that patch. If you cannot log in to the character because it is on a banned account, Customer Support will not assist. 

The tracker checks the reputations that you have at Exalted across your account, but in one single region. If you play in 2 regions, Exalted reputations earned on another region do not count.

The tracker checks reputations that you have at Exalted on both factions. However, reputations for counter-part factions count as a single reputation. For example, if you have a character Exalted with Stormwind and one Exalted with Orgrimmar, this is one Exalted reputation. 

Similarly, if you are Exalted with mutually exclusive factions, those count as a single reputation. For example, if you have a character Exalted with Aldor and another character Exalted with Scryer, this is one Exalted reputation. 

Only reputations that rank your status from Hated to Exalted will count. Reputations that rank you from Stranger to Best Friend do not count.