Error: "We Can’t Process This Code at This Time"

Updated: 8 months ago
Article ID: 209724

Common Problems

  • Cannot claim my balance code 
  • Getting error when I try to claim code - "We can’t process this code at this time. Please try again later." 

Some codes have regional restrictions. You will receive this error if you are claiming a code that doesn't belong to your region. If you have recently moved to a different country, you can resolve this problem by updating your country of residence in your account details.

If the issue persists, check the code for errors and try again, or refer to your point of sale for a potential refund or code exchange. If the code was a gift, speak to your friend.

If this is code received as part of external 3rd party promotion such as NVIDIA/ASUS related purchase, then most likely the code should be redeemed on their web-site first.

For example: Overwatch 2 Ultimate battle pass with NVIDIA.