How to Obtain Anglers' Water Striders

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I did not receive the mount equipment Anglers' Water Striders after patch 8.2's release
  • How do I get the mount equipment on my alt?
  • My water strider does not have water walking

Characters that reached level 100 or higher before Patch 8.2 went live and own the Crimson Water Strider or Azure Water Strider receive one Angler’s Water Striders mount equipment for free in the mailbox when first logging in after Patch 8.2.

You can buy additional Angler’s Water Striders mount equipment from Nat Pagle if your character has the required reputation. If your character is Exalted with The Anglers, visit Nat Pagle in Krasarang Wilds (Pandaria). If your character is Best Friend with Nat Pagle, visit Nat Pagle in your garrison (Draenor).

The mount equipment is Bind on Account, you can buy as many as you want and send them to your alts. Using the equipment doesn’t require any reputation.