Use a Real ID Party to invite Real ID or BattleTag friends of the same faction to a group, regardless of their realm. This feature is not available cross-region.

You can queue for dungeons, battlegrounds, or Raid Finder in a Real ID group. You can also enter the same instance of normal or heroic raids together, although all raids may not be available at a given time.

To invite friends to a Real ID Party:

  1. Open your Friends list
  2. Click the + button next to any available Real ID friend.
  3. Continue to add Real ID friends to your party until the group is full. You can invite any combination of Real ID friends or other characters to the same party. If you cannot complete the group, join the Dungeon or Raid Finder to fill missing roles.

Note: If a Real ID friend is logged in to multiple World of Warcraft licenses or a StarCraft II license, they cannot be invited using the Friends list. You can still invite their characters to a Real ID party by typing the following command into a chat box: /invite Character Name-Server Name