No Aqueous Reliquary Dropped

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • Cleared The Eternal Palace and didn’t receive any Aqueous Reliquary
  • Killed Queen Azshara and she didn’t drop any Aqueous Reliquary

Aqueous Reliquaries only drop from the last encounter of each wing: Radiance of Azshara, The Queen’s Court, and Queen Azshara.

Higher difficulties of The Eternal Palace drop more Aqueous Reliquaries. If you kill a boss on Normal first, and then you kill the same boss on Heroic, the Heroic kill will grant you the difference in Aqueous Reliquaries to match the higher difficulty.

However, no Aqueous Reliquary will drop when you kill a boss on the same or a lower difficulty during the same weekly lockout. For example, if you received Aqueous Reliquaries from killing Radiance of Azshara on Heroic, he will not drop any more for you if you kill him on Normal.