BlizzCon is the ultimate celebration of all things Blizzard. We are devoted to providing the best possible experience for all attendees. During the convention, we provide accommodations for individuals with disabilities.

Use the following guide to get answers to the most common questions about accessibility at Blizzcon. We recognize that many accessibility requests are unique. If your question is not answered here, please email Our BlizzCon team will respond within 48 hours.

Registration & Entry

Entry & ADA Sticker
Guests who require accessibility services should visit the Accessibility Registration Area during registration. From here, guests can obtain an accessibility sticker. Once the sticker is adhered to a name badge, it permits access to all ADA/Accessible areas of BlizzCon.

Security & Metal Dectors
Guests who are pregnant or have medical devices (pacemakers, defibrillators, spinal taps/pins, etc.) that do not want to use a metal detector should enter using any of the ADA entrances.  From there, you can choose a pat down instead of walking through the metal detector.

We have 8 total ADA entrances into the convention center: North Hall, Grand Plaza, Hilton, Katella Entrances, Arena Entrance, Hall D, Hall E, and Plaza. Look for the ADA sign. 

Accessible Line Queue Service

This service is intended for guests whose disability prevents them from waiting in a conventional queue environment. Instead of bypassing the line, this service allows guests with accessibility issues to receive a return time ticket to the queue that is no longer than 1 hour from the time requested. Once a return ticket is issued, guests are free to enjoy other parts of BlizzCon or sit and relax until their listed return time.

  • This is for all queue lines once the show has opened, including Demos, Activations, and the Darkmoon Faire.
  • The ticket can be brought back to the Demo Lead at the noted time OR any time later on that same day. Return tickets are unique for each day of the convention.
  • To receive a return time ticket, guests must have an ADA/Accessibility sticker on their badge. These can be acquired at the accessibility desks at each registration location.
  • Assigned caregivers/attendants will be permitted to enter with the guest.


For BlizzCon 2019, we have increased ADA/Accessible seating across all stages. Special seating areas are identified with the universal accessibility logo. For more information, visit the Accessibility area in Hall D.


Guests who have a caregiver or an attendant should first email to alert our events team. Once arriving at BlizzCon, please visit the Accessibility area near registration to register and obtain and ADA sticker for your badge.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing

American Sign Language (ASL) Interpreters
BlizzCon provides ASL interpreters for Deaf and hard of hearing attendees. If you require an interpreter, please email This will help us provide plenty of interpreters.

Assistive Listening Devices
Attendees who need an assistive listening device can pick one up at the Accessibility Registration Area (see Registration & Entry above). The device works in both the Main Hall and North Hall. The device model is Listen Tech LR-42 IR Stethoscope Receiver. Since supplies are limited, we recommend arriving early to obtain one.

Dietary Restrictions

Attendees are not permitted to bring food or drink inside the convention center. However, we can make an exception for special situations, such as:

  • Blood sugar-related conditions, such as diabetes
  • Food allergies, such as allergies to peanuts

If you have medical dietary needs, please let us know by emailing

When registering for BlizzCon, use any of our ADA entrances  to pass through security and ensure that your items meet security restrictions.

Medical Equipment & Medications

Attendees that need to bring medical equipment (such as oxygen tanks, nebulizers, or insulin pumps) should visit the Accessibility Registration Area (see Registration & Entry above). Additionally, we ask that you email so we can relay your information to our security team.

We do not provide refrigeration for any medical supplies such as insulin. Attendees may bring a small cooler to store their insulin or special dietary foods. Attendees with medical equipment are exempt from bag size restrictions.

If have medication, you may bring it with you. Please ensure that you use any of our ADA entrances to pass through security.


Mobility Devices
All devices that assist with mobility are permitted at BlizzCon. This includes wheelchairs, motorized wheelchairs, motorized scooters, knee scooters, canes, walkers, and crutches.

If you bring your own equipment, we ask that you use any of our eight ADA entrances. You will need to pass through security. To facilitate this, we recommend picking up a ADA badge from the Accessibility Registration Area (see Registration & Entry above).

BlizzCon does not offer rentals for wheelchairs or other mobility devices. However, we have a list of local rental companies in the Anaheim area. To request a list of vendors, please email

Travel Between Floors
Attendees that have an ADA sticker on their badge will be allowed access to the elevator located in the North Hall.

Lines, Fatigue, and Restroom Breaks
Guests who experience significant fatigue or pain while standing for extended periods should obtain an ADA sticker when registering. We will have increased seating areas in the convention center for attendees to take a break and rest. Guests who are standing in line and need to use the restroom can ask a security guard for a pass into Hall B lobby, where they can use the restroom and then return to their place in line.

Sensory Issues

Attendees who have autism, panic attacks, sensory-processing issues, or other anxiety issues can pick up an ADA sticker for their badge (see Registration & Entry above), then use ADA seating areas available at all stages (see Seating above).

ADA seats have a wider aisle, which offer a quicker entrance and exit. They are also easily visible to security guards who can get through a crowd if needed.

If you need a quiet place to rest, visit the First Aid area located in the lobby between Halls A and B.

Attendees may bring noise-cancelling headphones if needed; please use any of our eight ADA Entrances to pass through security.

Service Animals

Only dogs and miniature horses that are trained to do work or perform tasks for individuals with disabilities will be permitted at BlizzCon. The task(s) performed by the animal must be directly related to the person's disability. Examples of such work or tasks may include guiding people who are blind, alerting people who are Deaf, pulling a wheelchair, or alerting and protecting a person who is having a seizure or meltdown.

Attendees with a service animal should first pick up an ADA sticker for your badge at the registration area, then use any of our ADA entrances at the North Hall, Hilton, Grand Plaza, Arena entrance, Katella entrance, Plaza, Hall E or Hall D.

  • While not required, we recommend that the animal wears a vest that denotes they are a service animal. This will help prevent other attendees and staff from distracting the animal while working.
  • Service animals must be under the care and control of the owner at all times.
  • Animals must be house-trained and taken outside the convention center for restroom breaks.

Emotional support animals are not permitted inside the convention center during BlizzCon.