WoW Classic Era Hunter Pet Can't Learn New Abilities

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Can't find growl in the pet training list
  • I can't teach the growl or bite to my pet
  • I unlocked a skill by taming a pet, but my old pets don't have it

In WoW Classic Era, Beast Training teaches some of the basic skills for Hunter pets such as Growl, while other skills are learned by taming pets that have the skill(s) in question.

Once you as a Hunter learned a pet skill, you must teach it to your pet. For this, you must first have completed the quest Training the Beast.

  1. Open your spell book (P by default)
  2. Go to the General Tab
  3. Locate Beast Training, which has a slingshot icon, and open it

You can only teach a skill to your pet if the pet has enough training points, which are earned as you the level and loyalty of your pet increases.

Your pet can have a maximum of 4 active abilities. Some abilities are available only to specific beasts or groups of beasts.

Some pets may be tamed with abilities not typically available to their current level, which are then unlearned on relogging (e.g. Bite rank 6).

For information, check out the Hunter Guide on Wowhead or Petopia.