Can't Start Draenor Archaeology Project

Updated: 8 months ago
Article ID: 2491

Common Problems

  • Have 250 Fragments, and can't loot more
  • Don't have Ogre Archaeology
  • Can't see project on the archaeology tab

To unlock new projects:

  • Before reaching 250 archaeology fragments, go to each of the dig sites and dig at least once in each of the 3 different types (Draenor Clans, Arakkoa, and Ogre)
  • This will open up the projects for you

If you had 250 fragments before starting a project, you may not be able to unlock the race to solve projects and collect more of those fragments. In order to fix this, please contact Customer Support with the following information:
  • Names and realms of characters
  • The specific type of fragments which are at 250 out for each