Didn't Receive Achievement - Chromatic Champion

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

  • Killed Deathwing and didn't get Chromatic Champion Achievement
  • Did last aspect and didn't get Chromatic Champion Achievement
  • Didn't get credit for assaulting Ysera

In order to successfully complete criteria for this achievement, you must ensure that Deathwing assaults each aspect - if you go too fast he might not get a chance to attack one.

  1. Wait until you see an alert "Deathwing assaults [Aspectname]"
  2. Go to this aspect's platform
  3. Kill this platform's "Mutated Corruption"
  4. Kill this platform's "Arm Tentacle"
  5. Wait until you see the alert for the next aspect before attacking again
Note: Only one criteria for this achievement can be obtained with each Deathwing kill. ​