Some installation and connection issues can be caused by hard to diagnose problems with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It can sometimes be necessary to test your issue on a different network, such as at a friend's house, using a mobile hotspot, or a mobile USB tether.

If using a different network resolves the issue, please contact the manager or Internet Service Provider for the original network to troubleshoot the issue further.

Using a mobile hotspot

Note that using your phone as a mobile tether will use your phone plan's data and can incur significant cost. Blizzard does not support mobile phone configuration, nor recommend playing using this method.

  1. Ensure your phone supports mobile hotspot and that you have data available with your cellphone plan
  2. Disconnect your mobile phone from your local wifi
  3. Using your phone's settings, turn on your mobile hotspot
  4. Using a USB cable or your computer's wifi adapter, connect to your cellphone's network

If you need further help setting up your mobile hotspot, contact your cellphone service provider or hardware manufacturer.