Restore Drakefire Amulet

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

Accidentally deleted Drakefire Amulet, need another one

The Drakefire Amulet is a reward from Onxyia attunement in World of Warcraft Classic. To enter Onyxia's Lair, the amulet must be in your inventory.

If you acquired a Drakefire Amulet but no longer have it, see Haleh (Alliance) or Rexxar (Horde) for a new one.

For more information, please visit fansites or our forums.

Note: The Drakefire Amulet is Unique, so you can have only one at a time. If Haleh or Rexxar do not give a replacement amulet, check your bags, bank, and equipped items as you may still have one. Additionally, confirm if you're attuned by checking Wowhead's Onyxia attunement guide.