Character Service Error: "Please select a different realm."

Updated: 1 month ago
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Common Problems

  • Can't transfer a character on WoW Classic
  • Error: "Please select a different realm."
  • Can't transfer from recently merged realm
  • Can't faction change on a connected realm

This error message appears when:

  • Attempting to transfer a WoW Classic character from a PvE realm to a PvP realm. PvE characters can only be transferred to other PvE realms
  • Attempting to transfer a character to/from a realm that is soon to be, or has recently been, connected to another realm. 
  • Attempting to faction change a character on a realm that is soon to be, or has recently been, connected to another realm. 
While this error is temporary for realms that have recently been connected, it is permanent and cannot be bypassed for the PvP restrictions on Classic Realms. For information on the most current realm connections, visit the World of Warcraft General Discussion or Classic General Discussion forums.