Disconnected in Horrific Vision

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Disconnected inside a Horrific Vision and didn't get any loot
  • I want a refund of my Vessel because I received no loot

If you get disconnected or your game crashes while you are in a Horrific Vision, there is a short time period where you can re-join the game and continue the vision. This is only possible if your character is still alive inside the vision.

If you do not reconnect while the vision is still ongoing, any Corrupted Mementos earned will be sent to your character automatically through in-game mail. The mail can take an hour to appear, and you may need to relog your character to see it.

Quest items are looted from the chest that spawns once a vision ends and will not be mailed. Note that you are only eligible for loot from the chest if you killed the relevant bosses or cleared the relevant areas inside the vision, based on what quest you are doing. Gear is earned from defeating the final boss, and will not be awarded if the vision is interrupted for any reason.

Customer Support does not assist with restoring Vessels of Horrific Visions, Coalescing Visions, quest items, or gear from Horrific Visions.