Can't Get Urgent Care from Aysa Cloudsinger

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • I have completed the reputation achievement for Rustbolt on Horde but I'm not getting credit for it on Alliance
  • Can't pick up Mechagon allied race unlock questline, Urgent Care isn't available

If you completed the criteria to unlock the Mechagnome Allied Race on a Horde character, you must complete the quest on a level 50 or higher Alliance character. Mechagon must be unlocked in order to unlock Mechagnomes, so depending on whether your character has unlocked it yet or not, you will pick up a different questline. If the character has already unlocked Mechagon, you can pick up the Mechagnome questline from Aysa Cloudsinger at the Stormwind Embassy. If the character has not yet unlocked Mechagon, you must first start the unlock quest chain by picking up the quest Fame Waits for Gnome One from Gila Crosswires in the Stormwind Embassy. The process is outlined in this WoW forum blue post.

Note: If you do not have any of the above quests available in the Embassy but do have another quest, it means you have already chosen to unlock a different allied race. Before you will be able to unlock Mechagnomes, you must finish that questline. Once you complete it, you will be able to choose another race you have unlocked by completing the prerequisite achievements.