Didn't Receive An Item From Completed Horrific Vision

Updated: 2 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • I've done multiple Heroic Visions but only received 1 item 
  • I didn't get any item from my completed Heroic Vision

If your character dies before the boss is pulled and can't participate in the fight, you will be ineligible for loot. As long as you are revived by another member of the party and can participate before the boss dies, you will be eligible for loot.

ObjectiveReward iLvl
Vision Boss Only420
Vision Boss + 2 Bonus Objectives430
Full Clear No Masks445
Full Clear + 1 Mask450
Full Clear + 2 Masks455
Full Clear + 3 Masks460
Full Clear + 4 Masks465
Full Clear + 5 Masks470

Each week you can obtain each tier of rewards once, with a 100% chance to obtain the best reward that you were eligible for on any given Horrific Vision.