Can't Create Essence with Breath of Everlasting Spirit

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • I can't make a new essence out of the Breaths of Everlasting Spirit I have from my assaults
  • I am using the Breaths of Everlasting Spirit but they're not disappearing and not giving me a new essence

If you're using 3 Breaths of Everlasting Spirit but it's not creating a new essence for you, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure your loot specialization is set to the specialization you want to make the essence for. When you are creating essences, the system looks at your loot specialization, not your current active specialization. 
  • Make sure you are creating an essence that you don't already have in your bags or learned. There is only one DPS version of the essence, Breath of the Dying, which works for melee and ranged specializations