Can't Complete Quest - Big Bad Beetle

Updated: 3 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I defeated the Aqir Sandcrawler but didn't get credit for Big Bad Beetle
  • I don't know how to summon the insect to kill the Aqir Sandcrawler

The quest Big Bad Beetle requires you to defeat the Aqir Sandcrawler battle pet in pet combat. Before you start this quest, you must add the Shadowbarb Hatchling item you received from the quest They Grow So Fast to your pet journal by right-clicking it.

After confirming the Shadowbarb Hatchling battle pet is in your pet journal, follow these steps to complete this quest: 

  1. Create a bet battle team which has Shadowbarb Hatchling in it
  2. Travel to the Aqir Sandcrawler
  3. Start the battle
  4. Defeat the Aqir Sandcrawler
If you are having trouble figuring out a good team for defeating the Aqir Sandcrawler, visit the comments section of the Big Bad Beetle quest page on Wowhead. If you are having trouble locating the Shadowbarb Hatchling in your pet journal, make sure you have all of your filters enabled.

Note: You will not get credit for quest completion if you are in a raid at the time of your pet battle. If you were in a raid when completing the pet battle, drop raid and try again.