Didn't Receive Dungeon or Raid Loot

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • Unable to receive loot from a monster kill
  • Killed boss but can't loot
  • Finished scenario and didn't get loot

Items that aren’t looted are automatically sent to eligible players via in-game mail, as long as the Personal Loot, Need Before Greed, or Group Loot settings were used.

Items will be automatically delivered in the following situations:

  • The item was left on the corpse (unless you checked the corpse and intentionally left the loot behind)
  • You left the instance prior to the loot roll but won the roll anyway.
  • You left the instance after winning an item, but that item was not successfully delivered to your inventory.

Note: This applies in instances, world bosses and one-time only treasure chests. Loot distribution will not be handled automatically for corpses in the outside world.

If you experience an issue looting in an instance, please wait at least 2 hours for the item to be delivered to you before submitting a ticket. If you do not receive your loot after that time period, submit a ticket for assistance.