Can't see Quest Giver in Stormwind or Orgrimmar in Chromie Time

Updated: 5 months ago
Article ID: 274793

Common Problems

  • Cannot complete The Legion Returns because the Stormwind harbor is empty
  • Can't start The Battle for Broken Shore as the NPC is missing
  • Can't see the quest giver for The Art of War
  • Cannot complete To Pandaria in Orgrimmar

If you are trying to start your adventure using Timewalking Campaigns, or "Chromie Time", and quest NPCs or objectives are not where they should be according to your in-game map, your character is probably on another quest that is phasing the area.

Generally this can be fixed by completing the quest The Nation of Kul Tiras for Alliance, or Mission Statement for Horde.

If you cannot start The King's Command in Stormwind, talk to Chromie and select the Mists of Pandaria time line, and accept the quest that appears. A cinematic should play once you get to Stormwind Keep, after which you can pick up the next quest outside the main entrance to the Keep.