How to Start Battle for Azeroth Content

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • How do I go to the Battle for Azeroth zone
  • How can I start the Battle for Azeroth War Campaign
  • Where do I start the Battle for Lordaeron scenario?
  • I can't start "Tides of War"

To start playing the Battle for Azeroth content:

  • If you are horde, talk to the Warchief's Herald in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar
  • If you are alliance, talk to the Hero's Herald in the Trade District in Stormwind

The herald will give you the first quest to start the Battle for Azeroth introduction questline.

The War Campaign will unlock when your character reaches level 35. Questing through the War Campaign will grant you access to:

  • The mission table in Boralus or Dazar'alor and several champions 
  • Warfronts and Island Expeditions

Although you can start the War Campaign at level 35, you will not be able to unlock some of the Battle for Azeroth content until you obtain your Heart of Azeroth, which requires your character to be at least level 40.

The following unlock at level 50:

  • Heroic dungeons and heroic warfronts 
  • World Quests in Zandalar and Kul Tiras

Note: If you are playing an alternate character and you already completed the War Campaign with a different character on the same account, you will have access to World Quests even without the Heart of Azeroth; however, World Quests will not reward you Azerite until you obtain your Heart of Azeroth.