Cannot Start Threads of Fate

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I've met all the requirements on my main character, but I'm not able to do "Threads of Fate" on my alt
  • My alt doesn't have the Threads of Fate option, I would like to skip the campaign

The Threads of Fate Campaign skip in Shadowlands is no longer available for leveling or max-level characters.

Any characters who have already chosen Threads of Fate prior to Dragonflight will be able to finish it. However, characters who never initiated Threads of Fate will be restricted only to the zone-by-zone Covenant campaign for Shadowlands.

If you already chose Threads of Fate, do not choose Chromie Time's Shadowlands - Realms of Death. If you do switch to Realms of Death while Threads of Fate is active, you will retain most of the features of Threads of Fate, but you will lose access to World Quests until level 60.