Picked Wrong Mode for Quest - Threads of Fate

Updated: 11 months ago
Article ID: 277506

Common Problems

  • I completed the quest Threads of Fate and selected the storyline option by mistake
  • How do I switch from Storyline option to the World Quest leveling on my alt?

For the quest Threads of Fate, you are offered two options for leveling your alt through Shadowlands:

  • Replay Storyline - Your alt will level by completing Shadowlands storyline quests
  • Threads of Fate - Your alt levels up through side quests, world quests, dungeons, and bonus objectives

If you select the Replay Storyline objective, you can go back and visit Fatescribe Roh-Tahl at any time and choose the Threads of Fate option instead.

Note: Once you choose Threads of Fate you cannot choose to revert to replaying the storyline. Customer Support does not assist with choice mistakes.