Unable to Pick up Quest - A Master of Their Craft

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I can't pick up A Master of Their Craft. 
  • Prince Renathal isn't offering me the next quest.

A Master of Their Craft is a breadcrumb quest that members of the Venthyr covenant can pick up after completing Sanctum Upgrade: Mirror Network. It is a breadcrumb quest to An Unfortunate Situation. If you have picked up or completed An Unfortunate Situation, you should no longer have access to A Master of Their Craft.

Customer Support does not assist with providing access to breadcrumb quests if the quests following them have been picked up. The purpose of a breadcrumb quest, as the name suggests, is to direct your character to a new quest or quest chain; once that quest or chain has been started, there is no benefit to doing the breadcrumb quest.