Progress Bar Towards Vicious Mount or Saddle Reset

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I was almost done with my Saddle bar last night and now it's gone
  • My bar towards the Vicious Saddle went back to zero but I didn't receive any mount
  • My bar was half-way and it reset

Since Battle for Azeroth, you earn a seasonal Vicious mount when you fill up the Season Rewards bar. This bar is different from the Conquest cap bar.


The Conquest cap bar at the top of the PvP panel shows how many Conquest Points you've earned so far this season, and how many more you can earn this week. The cap increases by 1100 each week.

You fill up the Conquest cap bar by earning Conquest Points through any PvP activity: Rated or Unrated. Playing rated PvP, Arena, and Rated Battlegrounds will grant you Conquest Points only if you win. If you lose, you will get Honor instead. You will stop earning Conquest Points when you reach the current cap.

The Conquest cap bar does not reset with each weekly reset.


The Seasons Rewards bar is located in the Rated tab. To track your progress, mouse over the reward in the bottom-right.

The Season Rewards bar tracks your Arena and RBG wins at Combatant (1400 rating). You can progress this bar even if you capped your Conquest Points.

The first time you fill up the Season Rewards bar in a season, you will receive the seasonal Vicious mount. This mount is immediately added to your collection, you do not receive a saddle. Then the bar resets. Every time you fill up your Season Rewards bar again you will receive a Vicious Saddle. You can exchange Vicious Saddles for Vicious mounts of previous seasons at the Combatant Mount Quartermaster.


If your Season Rewards bar is at 100% and you did not receive your reward or the bar doesn't reset, please win another rated game.

If your Season Rewards bar reset to 0% it means you just received a reward. Remember that the seasonal Vicious mount is added to your mount collection, you don't receive a saddle to learn. Check your Mount Journal for the current mount: Vicious Warstalker.

NoteProgress towards the Season Rewards bar is account-wide. All your characters regardless of faction contribute to the Season Rewards bar. The Vicious Saddle is granted to the character that completes the bar.