Can't Start Quest - An Echo in the Darkness

Updated: 3 years ago
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Common Problems

  • Friend got quest An Echo in the Darkness but I didn't get it
  • Finished the Torghast stoyline but didn't get another quest
  • No quest after The Captive King

The quest An Echo in the Darkness becomes available after you have completed both the Torghast storyline up through The Captive King and the quest Redemption for the Redeemer. Redemption for the Redeemer is offered when you obtain the quest item Remornia looted from Sire Denathrius in the Castle Nathria raid.

If you have completed these quests, the quest may not show up until you log out of the game and back in, or leave Oribos and return. 

An Echo in the Darkness is a breadcrumb quest, so it is possible to pick up the next quest in the storyline, The Highlord's Vision, and complete the rest of the storyline without completing it. If you have completed The Highlord's Vision, you will lose access to this quest, which is intended and does not impede your progress with the storyline.