Can't Upgrade Item with Valor Points

Updated: 1 month ago
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Common Problems

  • I got my item from a mythic+ but it can't be upgraded
  • The item from my vault doesn't have upgrade ranks on it

There are several possible reasons you may not be able to upgrade your item with Valor Points:

  • Only items earned from Mythic dungeons can be upgraded; this does not include items from Tazavesh
  • You must have enough Valor Points for the upgrade
    • Note: Valor cost changes depending on which item you're attempting to upgrade and are reflected in the lower right corner of the upgrade window
  • Your individual character's Shadowlands current season's Mythic+ progression limits how much you can upgrade an item.
    • Note: This is a change from Season One, during which progression was account-wide
  • Only items earned in the current Mythic Season can be upgraded

For details of costs and upgrade achievement requirements, see Wowhead's guide to Valor Points.