That Name is Taken

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Common Problems

  • Error: "That name is taken. Taken names can't be claimed (even if inactive)"
  • I want to use the name on my deactivated clone for a different character

This error means another character with the same name already exists on your realm. 

  • If the character with the same name belongs to you, you can delete the character that has the name.
  • If the character with the same name belongs to another player, you must choose another name.

All the character names in a account automatically become available after the account remained inactive for two expansions.

In WoW Classic and Burning Crusade Classic, a clone that hasn't yet been activated counts as a regular character and will hold its name as any other character. Clones can be deleted and restored as any other character. 

Blizzard Customer Support will not help with releasing the name of a character for you, even if the player who has the name has stopped playing.