Swap Ring for Violet Signet

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • I cannot exchange my Violet Signet
  • I completed the wrong quest for the The Violet Eye
  • I received the wrong Violet Signet Ring

You can change your Violet Signet ring for another one when you reach Exalted with the Violet Eye faction.

Swapping rings requires the original ring and a gold fee. 

Customer Support cannot assist with exchanging rings.

How to recover my original ring

If you deleted your original ring, talk to Archmage Leryda to receive a replacement.

If you deleted your original ring, but have one of the upgrade quests in your quest log, abandon the quest and pick it up again. This will provide a replacement ring so you can complete the quest

If you swapped rings in the past and you want to swap again, delete your current ring. Then talk to Archmage Leryda to receive a replacement of the original ring. 

Archmage Leryda will always give you the original ring which you can then use to swap for the one of your choice.