Can't Complete Quest - For Queen and Grove!

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

I went to the Heart of the Forest and then to the Queen's Chamber, used the special action button and watched the cut scene, but didn't get credit for the quest

In order to receive credit for this quest, you must first talk to Ysera in the Star Lake Ampitheater. Accept the quest, then speak to Ysera to fly to the Heart Tree. You must then speak to Attendant Sparkledew who will fly you up to the Winter Queen's chamber. The area in front of the Queen will glow Night Fae blue and you will get an extra action button, which you will use to take the oath, and then you will see a cut scene and should be able to turn in the quest to the Winter Queen.

Flying with Ysera is currently required for this quest. If you don't speak to her to fly to the Heart Tree, you will still be able to go to the chamber and speak to the Queen, but you will not be able to turn in the quest after you watch the cut scene and will have to go back to Star Lake Ampitheater to take the flight to the Heart Tree and start over.