The performance menu can help you diagnose and troubleshoot performance issues. Press Ctrl+Alt+F to open the performance menu. If any of the following icons display, follow the recommended actions to resolve the issue.

IconCauseRecommended Actions
Shader Issues
  • Restore your default graphic settings. To do so:
    1. Press F10 to open the main menu.
    2. Click Options.
    3. Select Graphics and click Restore Defaults.
Resource Cache Issues
  • Lower your texture quality in the Graphics menu.
Renderer Issues
  • Lower your screen resolution in the Graphics menu.
  • Update your video card drivers to the latest version.
  • Restore your default video clock settings.
  • If you have a factory overclocked card, see this article for more information.
Packet Loss
High Network Latency
Reduced CPU Power
  • Your CPU's clock speed has been lowered to prevent damage. For more information and troubleshooting steps, see our Reduced CPU Power article.