Trading Gold Between Realms or Factions

Updated: 1 month ago
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Common Problems

  • Can I trade gold with another player between WoW Classic and Shadowlands?
  • Can I trade gold with a friend on another realm?
  • Want to report a player for offering cross realm gold exchanges in the general chat
  • Made a deal with another player to exchange gold between factions¬†but he didn't hold up his end

The exchange of gold or items with another player on a different realm or faction is entirely at your own risk and is unsupported. These types of trades are often associated with the trade of real money for in-game items or currency, which is against our policy. Accounts found associated to these services will have gold removed as well as other possible account actions including up to account closure.

While we will review reports of scams between legitimate players and take action against scammers to remove them from our game, losses will not be restored.

We advise to avoid these types of trades unless you know the other player well and absolutely trust them.