Can't Use Vestige of Origins/Eternal to Upgrade Legendary

Updated: 2 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I am a crafter. I purchased a belt off the auction house because I don't have it at rank 4 yet, and then made a Vestige of Origins. I can't upgrade the belt.
  • Can't use the Vestige of Origins I made to upgrade my rank 4 legendary item

The Vestige of Origins item is an optional reagent that can be used when crafting a base item, upgrading the base Shadowlands Legendary white quality item to a higher item level. It cannot be applied to a legendary that's already been crafted.

If you have created a Vestige of Origins without an immediate plan to use it, you can store it in your bank until later or sell it to a vendor. Customer Support does not assist with restoring crafting materials due to regret.