Enabling Text to Speech in World of Warcraft

Updated: 2 years ago
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Common Problems

  • How do I enable Text to Speech in WoW?
  • Can I turn on Text to Speech options in World of Warcraft?

To easily enable Text to speech while logged in to your character in World of Warcraft, open the chat box by hitting the Enter button and type the following command /tts and then press enter. Typing the command /tts will both enable and disable Text to Speech.

Note: Currently Text to Speech will only read chat, it does not read ingame menu's or quest text. We are currently working to expand the Text to Speech feature.

You can also enable Text to Speech voice from the Options menu while logged in to the game following these steps:

  1. Open the game menu (Default: Escape key)
  2. Click on Options, the fourth button from the top, to open that menu
  3. Click on Text to Speech under the Accessibility section
  4. Put a check in the box next to Read Chat Text out loud

Doing either of the above will enable the button labeled Configure Text to Speech below the Read Chat Text out loud option and a button to the far left of the default World of Warcraft User Interface with a T and a dialogue bubble. Both of these will take you to settings which can help you configure the text to speech options in a way that is most helpful to you.

We've outlined a list of Text to Speech commands below. To enable or disable various options enter /tts then the command:

Achievement – Enable or disable achievement announcementsAltsample – Speaks sample text in the alternate voice used for systemAltsystemvoice – Toggle the use of an alternate voice for system message narration
Altvoice [0 – 1] – Set alternate voice option to the given voiceBlizzard – Enable or disable blizzard whisper messagesBossemote – Enable or disable boss emotes
Bosswhisper – Enable or disable boss whispersChannel – Enable or disable the given channelCreatureemote – Enable or disable creature emotes
Creatureasay – Enable or disable creature messagesCreaturewhisper – Enable or disable creature whispersCreatureyell – Enable or disable creature yells
Default – Restore Text to Speech defaultsEmote – Enable or disable emote messagesGuild – Enable or disable guild messages
Help – Show the help menu that lists all commandsInstance – Enable or disable instance messageInstanceleader – Enable or disable instance leader messages
Mymessages – Enable or disable self-narrationOfficer – Enable or disable officer messagesParty – Enable or disable party messages
Partyleader – Enable or disable party leader messagesPlayeractivity – Play a sound for chat window activityPlayline – Play a sound separating chat lines
Raid – Enable or disable raid messagesRaidleader – Enable or disable raid leader messagesRaidwarning – Enable or disable raid warning messages
Sample – Speaks sample textSay – Enable or disable say messagesSettings – Read out current settings
Speed [-10 – 10] – Set speech rateStop – Stop the narration that is currently playingSystem – Enable or disable system messages
Voice [0 -1] – Set voice option to the given voiceVolume [0 – 100] – Set volumeWhisper – Enable or disable whisper messages
Yell – Enable or disable yell messages  

Tip: Making a macro using the /tts stop command can let you create a hotkey for when you need to quickly interrupt a message that’s coming through.