Configuring Your 2Wire Modem


If you are experiencing connection issues with your 2Wire gateway, try these steps:

  1. We always recommend a hard-wired connection for gaming. Connecting to your 2Wire gateway with an ethernet cable will resolve most connection issues.
  2. By default, 2Wire modems are configured to broadcast on an 802.11b/g mixed signal. Follow these steps to lower the broadcast signal to 802.11b and stabilize the connection:
    1. Browse to
    2. Click Home Network.
    3. Click on Wireless Settings.
    4. If a login prompt appears, enter your username and password.
      If you are unsure of your username and password, try the defaults:
      Username: admin
      Password: 2wire or Wireless
    5. Change the Wireless Mode to 802.11b.
    6. Click Save.

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