Cannot Skip Campaign Quests to Unlock Covenant Soulbinds

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

  • My alt doesn't have the option to skip the soulbind quests
  • I switched to a new covenant but I am not seeing the quests available to unlock my soulbinds without doing the campaign

The skip option to unlock all three Soulbinds for a Covenant is only available if you have unlocked all three Soulbinds for that specific Covenant by completing that Covenant's campaign on at least one character on your account.

If you swap Covenants, your character will not have the ability to skip the Soulbind quests with your new covenant (unless you have unlocked the Soulbinds with your new covenant on a different character). 

If you have a character who has unlocked the three Soulbinds, and the option to skip isn't showing up for you, log into the original character who unlocked the Soulbinds. This should resolve the issue.

To use the skip, either complete or choose to skip Chapter 1 of the 9.0 Covenant Campaign. Once you finish the questline that binds you to the first Soulbind, the other two Soulbinds will immediately appear by the Forge of Bonds with their respective binding quests.