Celestial Observer’s Ensemble Missing

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

I received the notification that I earned the Celestial Observer's outfit, I clicked on it, and it doesn't show up in the collection

Note: The transmog can take a few minutes or hours to be delivered after purchase. Please wait a few moments and relog.

The Celestial Observer’s Ensemble is a transmog set and can be found on the Sets tab of your collection.

Due to a display issue, the game can redirect you to the Items tab when you click on the toast telling you that you earned the appearance. Click on the Sets tab and you will find the Celestial Observer’s Ensemble there.

If you cannot see the appearance on the Sets tab please ensure that your purchase is complete or shipped in your order history.

We have received multiple reports that this appearance can disappear from the appearances collection, as well as from any items it is currently transmogged to. The appearance usually re-appears in the Wardrobe after some time, but can disappear again. We currently do not have a workaround or resolution.

Note that for some players, this issue only affects the set itself, while individual pieces (head, chest, etc) can still be seen and used. Try checking for the individual slots to see if the items are available to you.

We appreciate your patience while our developers are working to resolve this.