Pocopoc has Disappeared

Updated: 1 year ago
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Common Problems

  • I have unlocked Pocopoc but now can't summon them
  • I have no action button for Pocopoc

Once you unlock the Zerith Mortis companion Pocopoc via the quest Cyphers of the First Ones you will learn a new spell Summon Pocopoc, which appears as an extra action button on your screen that you can pull to one of your action bars. If you can't find this spell, check your action bars for the icon. If you are not using the default User Interface, or if you have any AddOns, the button may be blocked. To troubleshoot, reset your User Interface using the instructions in this article.

Alternatively, using the following command in your chat text box will summon Pocopoc: 
/click ExtraActionButton1