Character Transfer Didn't Complete

Updated: 3 months ago
Article ID: 306417

Common Problems

  • When I use the character transfer token nothing happens, the character selection screen refreshes and I cannot complete the transfer.
  • I successfully purchased a bundle of transfers, I claimed one, but the character is stuck.
  • I used a character transfer token hours ago and the transfer didn't yet finish.
  • Error: "You cannot log in until the character update process you recently initiated is complete."

You will encounter this problem if the character that you are transferring has mail in the mailbox, pending auctions, or pets and heirlooms in the inventory. Please check our Character Transfer Restrictions article for a list of all the things that can prevent your character from successfully transferring. 

If you can log in to the character, please resolve the issue that is preventing the transfer, for example, cancel your auctions and clear your mailbox. Once you have done this, try to transfer again. 

If you cannot log in and have waited more than 24 hours for the transfer to complete, please contact us.