Missing Character in Diablo Immortal

Updated: 1 month ago
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Common Problems

  • I can't find my character in Diablo Immortal
  • I had a character and now it is gone

If you are unable to find your Diablo Immortal character, this may be caused by several different issues. Please see below for the different scenarios that could cause missing characters in Diablo Immortal.

Character Deleted

Characters below level 30 cannot be restored, and will not show up as an option via the in-game character restoration interface.  This is working as intended.

Guest Account Not Linked

If you started playing as a Guest, your original Guest account may not be linked properly to your Battle.net account.  This can happen if you switch devices before you link your Guest account.  If progress has been made on both accounts, Customer Support cannot assist with merging progress. 

Logged Into Different Server

If you switch between devices, it may at first look like you have lost character progress. However, your character may be on a different server.  There are multiple servers you can choose from when you log into Diablo Immortal from the first time, but you may be placed on a random server when you first start playing on a new device. 

To find which server your characters are on, you can log into the game and click on the server that pops up above "tap to play".  You should see an option called "My Heroes" on the left hand side of the server selection interface. Click this, and it will help you to find which server your heroes are on.

Note: Customer Support cannot assist with moving Diablo Immortal characters between servers or accounts, nor can we unlink an account that has any progress on it.