Change Character Class in Diablo Immortal

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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Common Problems

  • I want to change my character class.
  • Where is the feature to change my class in Immortal?

The Class change feature became available on July 20th, 2022. Players can change the class of their characters in Westmarch. Below are a few rules surrounding the Class Change mechanic:

General information:

  • Class Change becomes available for a character beginning at level 35.
  • You may change your class once every seven (7) days and at no cost. There is also a one-time option to immediately revert to your previous class, skipping the seven-day waiting period. There are no current plans to allow players to purchase the ability to change classes more frequently. Customer Support cannot assist with providing additional swaps or bypassing the seven day cooldown.
  • Paragon Point allocations are retained each time you change classes.
  • All Clan, Warband, and other social group affiliations will carry over.

Gear transfer mechanics:

  • For each Legendary item equipped, you will receive Legendary items with the exact same Attributes. The Primary Attributes of the items will be adjusted for the Class you’re changing to. All previously equipped Legendary items from your prior Class will be moved to your Inventory. As a result, you’ll receive Legendary items the first time you change to a brand-new Class.
  • Beginning the second time you change to a Class, a set of Transfer Legendary items will be granted to you. These items cannot be Salvaged for materials or extracted for their Legendary Essence.
  • Any empty Slots upon transferring will be filled with Transfer Legendary items.
  • The Primary Attribute (Strength or Intelligence) of equipped Normal, Magic, Rare, and Set items will convert towards the Primary Attribute of your new Class. This also applies to items in your Inventory and Stash.
  • Any Demonic Remains will be converted to the class you’ve changed to and retain their stats.
  • Some class-specific cosmetics and gear will not carry over when you change classes. All gear equipped for your previous class will be available in your inventory. Any cosmetics owned for a class will be retained on that class and will be available upon changing back to it.