Cannot Exchange Fated Anima Spherule

Updated: 5 months ago
Article ID: 314216

Common Problems

  • I can't exchange fated token at my covenant's vendor
  • I have an anima spherule from this week's Fated raid but my vendor doesn't have items that take the tokens
  • I got an anima token from the weekly quest and I can't exchange it for anything.

We have received multiple reports of this issue and can confirm it is not working as intended. The Developers are continuing to investigate these issues. 

  • Raid Item Vendors in the Covenant Sanctums have Fated Weapons requiring a 207 item level Anima Spherule to purchase. This is a display issue and the weapon can be purchase as normal with a Fated Anima Spherule. 
  • For a short period, Fated Anima Spherule were created incorrectly resulting in them not being valid currency at the Raid Item Vendors. This has been hotfixed now and any new Fated Anima Spherules will work as intended. If you are unable to make a purchase, please contact Customer Support for assistance here.