The Character Transfer service is a paid service. Free Character Transfers may be available for a limited time to transfer from select realms. When free transfers are available, we will announce it on the official World of Warcraft forums

Blizzard Customer Support cannot provide Free Character Transfers.

Restrictions and Consequences

Free Character Transfers are subject to the same restrictions and consequences as Paid Character Transfers —you can find a comprehensive list in our Character Transfer Information and Restrictions support article. Please note the below exceptions:

  • You can transfer a character of any level, there is no minimum level requirement on free transfers
  • You can transfer a character that was recently transferred, the free transfer ignores transfer cooldowns
  • You can use the paid transfer service anytime after a free transfer, as the free transfer does not apply a transfer cooldown
  • There is no limit to the gold you can bring with your character

Starting a Free Transfer

If free transfers are currently open for your realm, you can start one by opening the in-game Shop on the character selection screen. Check our support article How to Start a Free Character Transfer for more information.