PayU Payment Issues

Updated: 3 weeks ago
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Common Problems

Common payment issues when paying with PayU

It can take up to five business days for PayU to complete your payment. If you receive a verification message from PayU stating the transaction is successfully processed, it can take an additional 24 hours for your order to update to Shipped after your payment has been processed. You can also visit the Blizzard Transaction History page to check the status of your order. Contact PayU if your payment has not processed after five business days.

Note: If you used Boleto for your purchase, make sure the verification code on your receipt matches your Boleto code. If it doesn't, your order was likely never completed and you will need to contact the retailer and PayU for assistance.

Canceling a Transaction

A pending transaction cannot be cancelled. If you have yet to make a payment on a pending transaction, the order will not complete and will be removed from your Blizzard Transaction History. You will not be charged for an initiated unpaid order.

Currently, there is no way to cancel Completed transactions through PayU. Once you have made payment or deposit, you must wait until the transaction completes before requesting a refund. Do not make another payment to attempt to make the process faster, as this may cause further issues and unnecessary charges.

Limitations & Restrictions

  • Depending on the type of payment or deposit method chosen, PayU transactions can take anywhere from 1 to 5 business days to complete after payment or deposit.
  • PayU is only available in certain Latin American countries. If you live outside of these countries, this option for payment will not be displayed at checkout.
  • PayU may not be an eligible method of payment for recurring subscriptions. You can make one-time purchases of game time using PayU by visiting the Blizzard Shop.