You can connect your Twitter account to World of Warcraft® to share screenshots, display recent achievements, and brag about that piece of epic loot you won. Follow the steps below to connect your account, and then type /share in game to get started.

Note: You must have Real ID active on your Blizzard Account to enable Twitter in World of Warcraft. 

To connect your account:

  1. Click Interface from the in-game options menu.
  2. Select Social.
  3. Check Enable Twitter Functionality.
  4. Click Sign In and log in to your Twitter account.
    Note: We do not store your login information.
  5. Click Okay.
If your account is compromised, we can't detach your Twitter account from your World of Warcraft account. You'll need to go to the application settings for your Twitter account and Revoke Access for the World of Warcraft application.