Crafting Order Scam

Updated: 4 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I wanted a rank 5 item and someone said they would guarantee one if I paid them extra through a trade, but then my public crafting order was only a rank 3!
  • I made an agreement with someone they'd craft me a rank 5 item if I paid them extra gold but they never did.
  • I requested a minimum quality in my public crafting order, but received a lower quality. I lost materials because of this.

Using the Crafting Order system is an easy and safe way to get your desired crafted item. Gold, materials, and items can't be taken or used until the crafting order is completed.

All variables can be set while requesting an order to make sure it will meet your expectations. The minimum quality for an item cannot be set for a Public Crafting Order, but can be specified for Guild and Personal Crafting Orders. Receiving a lower-than-expected quality is not considered as a scam; you can use the Recrafting Order system to improve upon any item already received.

If you find yourself in a situation where the requested crafted item repeatedly didn't turn out the way you would like, try finding a trusted crafter that can take a personal order where you can set all of the specifics that you want when creating it.