Accidentally Destroyed Primordial Stone

Updated: 9 months ago
Article ID: 329404

Common Problems

  • I lost my Storm Infused Stone by replacing it with another.
  • I replaced the wrong Primordial Stone.
  • I picked the wrong Stone to break down for fragments.

Initially, Primordial Stones can be replaced, but doing so will destroy the stone. They can be unsocketed from the Onyx Annulet using the Jewelcrafting Kit station in game after you have completed the Primordial Embelishment quest. Even after completing this quest, replacing a stone directly will still destroy it; only using the Jewelcrafting Kit first will preserve the stone.

After you have completed the Primordial Embelishment quest, you gain access to the Primordial Stone anvil. This station allows you break Primordial Stones into Dormant Primordial Fragments. The warning window when you select a Stone to break should prevent you from destroying the wrong one by accident.

As the mechanics above are working properly, Customer Support will not assist with restoring destroyed or broken Primordial Stones. If you discover a bug with this system, submit a bug report.