The Dungeon Finder and the Group Finder are two different functions.


The Looking for Dungeon feature (LFD) is only available in modern World of Warcraft and Wrath of the Lich King Classic, not in WoW Classic Era.

The Looking for Raid feature (LFR) is only available in modern World of Warcraft, not in Wrath of the Lich King Classic or WoW Classic Era.

In the LFD/LFR finder you can sign up for a dungeon or raid and choose your role (healer, tank, or DPS). The finder will place you in a queue, and will group you with random players of your own faction across realms in your own region. Once the party is assembled, you will receive an invite and, if you accept it, you will be teleported to the instance.

If you cannot use the finder, check our Unable to Queue for Dungeons support article. 


The Pre-made Group Finder allows to list your name to assemble a pre-made party, or to sign up for the pre-made party someone else has started. Once your party is assembled, you must travel to the instance, you are not teleported. 

Pre-made Groups Restrictions

  • Only available in Modern WoW
  • Only available to characters level 50 and above
  • Cannot be used if your World of Warcraft account is silenced. A group will automatically delist from the finder if they invite a silenced player to the party. To join the finder again, the party must remove the silenced player

In addition, only accounts that have been secured with a Authenticator and Phone Notifications can add custom text to the Pre-made Group Finder listing. If you don't have an Authenticator or Phone Notifications, you can use the Pre-made Group Finder, but you will not be able to write custom text on your listing.

How to Start or Join a Group

  • To start a group or join one, you must select a role (healer, tank, or DPS) in order.
  • Starting with patch 9.2.5, your listing will now default to being cross-faction (if the activity you are listing for supports Cross-Faction Groups). You can choose to restrict your group to your own faction only by clicking the "Limit to <Faction>" checkbox. 
  • If you want to set an item level requirement, it cannot be higher than your own item level. Note that the item level you see in your character window is a rounded value and your actual item level might be slightly lower.
  • By default, the search results will include parties created in your game client's language. You can toggle the inclusion of other languages in the search filter, but you cannot exclude parties in the language that match your game client language.

Wrath of The Lich King Classic GROUP FINDER

The Looking for Dungeon finder allows you to start a group for various activities: Dungeons, Raids, Zones (for group questing), Heroic Dungeons, Battlegrounds, and Arena. It is similar to the Pre-made Group Finder in Modern WoW, but has different UI and limited options.

You can list yourself as solo player or in party, or you can join a party that's already being assembled and select whether you are willing to tank, heal, deal damage. This option also allows a party to browse for additional members.

For additional information, check out the New Group Finder UI for Wratch Classic Wowhead article.