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Common Problems

You can't use a folder with special characters in its name or there's some other problem with the folder you picked.
Error Code: BLZBNTAGT00000320

The Blizzard Update Agent could not install in the specified folder location. The folder may be a reserved system folder, contain special characters in the folder path, have special restricted permission, or the game may have been previously installed in the same location. 

  1. Try selecting a different installation folder. Be sure to select a folder that is not in your operating system's directory.
  2. Make sure that the installation folder is not set to read-only, which prevents the installer from writing data.
  3. Don't use a directory that already has a game installed, as this may cause existing game data to be lost.
  4. Make sure you have write permissions for the installation folder you've chosen. Selecting another user's folder may prevent installation.
  5. Avoid using a long file path, as it may cause issues with installation. Use the default folder path to help prevent issues.

Tried everything here?

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