Didn't Receive My Overwatch Loot Boxes

Updated: 3 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I bought loot boxes but I don't see them in-game
  • I'm missing the loot box I earned from Role Queue 

I play on console

Loot boxes purchased in the Blizzard website can only be used in the PC version of Overwatch. 

If you play Overwatch on console, you must buy the loot boxes from in-game. If you purchased loot boxes in our website by mistake, please submit a refund

I play on PC

Loot boxes earned in-game

Bonus loot boxes earned from Role Queue are always Classic loot boxes. During an active event, click on the PREV button to see and open your Classic boxes.

Purchased or gifted loot boxes

If you made a purchase in the Blizzard Shop and you don't see it in-game, you may have logged in with the wrong Blizzard account or BattleTag.  

Otherwise, there may have been a problem with your payment. Log in to your Transaction History and check your order status in the dropdown menu belowIf the loot boxes were a gift, please talk to your friend.