Elite Appearances From Previous Seasons Missing

Updated: 9 months ago
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Common Problems

  • I reached 2000 rating in BFA Season 1 but I don't have the appearances
  • I got the 2k Elite achievement in Legion but cannot buy the PVP appearances
  • I had the Warlords Elite set and deleted it, I want to restore it for transmog

Elite gear appearances are automatically added to your collection as soon as you earn the necessary rating and the associated achievement. If you obtained the achievement(s) for the current season, you should have the appropriate appearances unlocked and you should be able to use them for transmogrification.

For all previous seasons, the Elite appearances are not tracked in the Sets tab, unless you have collected the full set. As a result, individual appearances should be looked individually through the Items tab instead of Sets while having the appropriate filters selected.

Appearances from Previous Seasons

Shadowlands / Battle for Azeroth

Elite Gladiator appearances were granted automatically upon reaching the required ratings and are not available for purchase.


Elite appearances from Legion seasons were not automatically unlocked by the achievements. The achievements simply allowed you to purchase the items or appearances at the vendor. If you have the achievements but not the appearances, it means you never purchased the appearances.

You may obtain the Legion Elite appearances by purchasing the Elite Ensembles from Sarah the Savage or Captain Roberts for Marks of Honor. Ensembles do not include Cloaks and Tabards; these items and their appearances became permanently unobtainable.

To be able to purchase the Elite Ensembles, you must have the relevant Elite achievement. While the Elite achievement is account wide, the character buying the Elite Ensembles must have earned the required rating.

Customer Support cannot help with granting Legion appearances.

Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor

Because the Transmogrification system was introduced in Legion, any Elite appearances from Pandaria or Warlords seasons can only be obtained by having kept the original physical items in your inventory or bank until after Legion launched. If you used to have any Elite gear but you vendored it before the Transmogrification system, it is not possible to obtain these appearances anymore by any means.

Customer Support cannot help with granting Pandaria or Warlords appearances.